It helps improve children's mathematical abilities . . . and yours too!

..and freemium too!
MathLand Freemium boardgame on iOS:

A board game that makes maths fun!
It helps improve children's mathematical abilities... and yours too,
by encouraging the use of additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions within the game.

It is an ideal didactical support
suitable for individuals and groups and has numerous variants allowing it to be easier or more difficult depending on the complexity of the duels.

This is just the right game for encouraging children to practice maths!
They will want to play again and again!

At the easiest level, even small children can play, with the help of an adult. When they become good they can take on friends and relatives and move on to more difficult levels!
Different size boards:
25 cells for easier and faster games;
50 cells with the addition of more complex operations;
100 cells for longer and more taxing games.
It's useful and complex even for grown-ups!
Meet Players!
Up to 6 players
on the same board
7 Different Boards!
-additions and subtractions
-multiplications and divisions
-additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions
2 Levels of Difficulty!
3 Different Board Lengths!
-25 cells
-50 cells
-100 cells

- From 1 to 6 players. 6 players can play at the same time! Or on your own against the computer.
- You can give the piece your name so the application will call you by name.
- The game talks, it calls you when it's your turn, it reminds you to move the piece, it cheers and saddens with you and it teaches to count.
- You move the piece, just like a real one, the application will help you and move the piece itself if you don't manage.
- It supports Airplay so you can enjoy experience the game on the widescreen of your AppleTV in your front room, all the controls will remain on your device (you can still turn the wheel, move the piece with a virtual joystick, ask for help . . .) while all players can watch the status of the game on the TV: fantastic!
- Share your achievements on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo.
- Game Center is supported: complete the game in as little time as possible, get the highest score, obtain special medals!
- Coloured and fun graphics, animations, sounds and special effects!
A board game in your pocket with your iPhone, iPad, television, without the risk losing/breaking pieces, cards or other.
A board game that talks as well.


MathLand can be played even by children aged 5 years old , so long as they know numbers and are helped by an adult.
Players move along a board made up of cells containing a mathematical operations, players take it in turns to turn the heel (or throw a dice) and move forwards by the number that appears. In the new cell the player must answer a mathematical question.
If he answers correctly, then he can remain in that cell, otherwise he will have to go back to the previous cell.
The player that reaches the last cell first wins.